The bicycle is a very popular means of transport in Taiwan. In Taipei, there are plenty of bike paths, and also long-distance cycling is getting more popular in Taiwan. In Taipei, there are also public bikes, which can be rented for 30min for free. Even though the public bikes worked … Continue reading

Tainan – 臺南


We took the very comfortable High Speed Train from Taipei to Tainan. Tainan literally means “Tai South”, just like Taipei means “Tai North” and Taitung means “Tai East”. With a population of almost two million, it is Taiwan’s fifth largest city and the third largest I have been to (after … Continue reading

Free Chinese online resources

If you don’t want to read all the below, here are the important links: Learning Mandarin in one Thousand Words Growing up with Chinese Lang-8 Taiwan Digital Publishing System There are so many online language study resources that it requires quite some work to evaluate them and decide which to … Continue reading

雪山 – Snow Mountain


雪山, which literally translates to “Snow Mountain”, is a mountain in Shei-Pa national park at about three hours drive from Taipei. It features Taiwan’s second highest peak at 3,886m, several hiking trails of varying difficulty, two cabins, and some shelters. The most popular and easiest trail to the peak starts … Continue reading

Food Market


Last week I went with Shu-Yen to the food market. This market takes place in the early morning, which makes a lot of sense in summer since it is not as hot during daytime. It was very interesting to see the raw material of my everyday dishes. The food on … Continue reading